1300-1600 kCals/Day

3 Meals/day


Please see below for the menu.

For variety, our program includes three different menus: The Mindful Menu, the Serenity Menu and the Delightful Menu. We alternate the menus every Monday.

We deliver every Sunday (meals from Mon-Wed menu) and Wednesday (meals from Thur-Sat menu). For orders made during Mon-Thur the first delivery will be on the following Sunday; for orders made during Fri-Sun the first delivery will be on the following Wednesday.

For each week you order, you will have fresh food for 6 days.

The sources of protein (beef, chicken, fish, tofu etc.) can be substituted as well as replaced with Halal products as per request, just leave a comment at checkout.

Please add this or other Lifestyle items multiple times in your cart to support multiple people/lifestyle combinations in your household.

Delivery and Taxes included!



The Delightful Menu


Check out our menus below.

Please specify number of weeks to include in your program. Choose number of people in the quantity green box.

Western egg bites
290 kcal | Fat 18g | Carb 7g | Protein 25g
Peppers, onions, ham and cheddar cheese mixed with eggs and baked in the oven
Mediterranean quinoa hummus bowls
412 kcal| Fat 16g | Carb 61g | Protein 18g
Quinoa, roasted eggplants, bell pepper and chickpeas, arugula, tahini and hummus are combined in one healthy plant-based bowl
Kung pao chicken with cauliflower rice
670 kcal | Fat 38 | Carb 44g | Protein 42g
Stir-fried chicken pieces with bell pepper, asparagus, carrot and snow peas in a salty, sweet and spicy sauce with the cauliflower rice at the side
Cottage cheese coconut cups with berries
300 kcal | Fat 8g | Carb 35g | Protein 21g
Cottage cheese blended until smooth texture, mixed with coconut flour, loaded with berries and baked in the oven
Tofu pad thai
390 kcal | Fat 8g | Carb 64g | Protein 15g
Plant based pad Thai with rice noodles, tofu, and bean sprouts flavored with ginger, garlic and green onions and coated in salty-sour-sweet sauce
Sesame salmon & asian fried rice
780 kcal Fat 40g | Carb 47g | Protein 46g
Baked flaky juicy salmon on a bed of Asian-style rice with a bunch of veggies
Buckwheat pancakes with chia jam
433 kcal | Fat 12g | Carb 67g | Protein 15g
Made with half buckwheat flour and half oat flour these fluffy pancakes are paired with nutritious and healthy chia seeds jams
Lemon herbed chicken with roasted sweet potatoes salad
615 kcal | Fat 26g | Carb 46g | Protein 47g
Lemon herbed marinated chicken breast with roasted sweet potatoes and goat cheese salad in honey balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Beef & broccoli with brown rice
400 kcal | Fat 15g | Carb 35g | Protein 33g
Thinly sliced tender beef and broccoli stir fry coated in a savory sauce on a bed of brown rice
Broccoli & cheddar egg bites
260 kcal | Fat 17g | Carb 5g | Protein 20g
Broccoli, eggs and cheddar baked in the oven for a quick ‘on the go’ breakfast
Zucchini boats with balsamic quinoa salad
770 kcal | Fat 37g | Carb 67g | Protein 49g
Zucchini stuffed with hearty mixture of ground turkey, onion, garlic and marinara sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and served with healthy quinoa salad
Shrimp with fried rice
548 kcal | Fat 18g | Carb 64g | Protein 32g
Shrimps with brown rice and veggies – a healthier version of take-out. Delish!
Baked apple oatmeal cups
248 kcal | Fat 6g | Carb 41g | Proteins 9g
Apple oatmeal cups with raisins topped with walnuts cinnamon mixture
Lemon garlic tilapia with couscous salad
500 kcal | Fat 21g | Carb 23g | Protein 49g
Lemon garlic tilapia with a combo of parsley and basil flavors, served with healthy quinoa pilaf
Grilled chicken with pesto pasta salad
720 kcal | Fat 39g | Carb 50g | Protein 46g
Whole wheat pasta, tomatoes, arugula and feta cheese coated with pesto sauce. Served with seasoned grilled chicken breast
Vegetable egg scrambler & apple
330 kcal | Fat 17g | Carb 30g | Protein 15g
Colorful egg scramble filled with bell pepper, zucchini and spinach and complemented with apple slices
Chicken asian noodle bowl
610 kcal | Fat 38g | Carb 36g | Protein 28g
Rice noodles with chicken breast, shredded carrots and chopped green onions dressed in a spicy peanut sauce
Turkey meatballs with Greek salad
608 kcal | Fat 39g | Carb 28g | Protein 45g
Feta stuffed ground turkey meatballs baked in the oven and served with Greek salad
Blueberry oatmeal
316 kcal | Fat 12g | Carb 40g | Protein 7g
Rolled oats, almond milk and blueberries in a warm, comforting, creamy oatmeal
Chicken quesadilla with mango black bean salad
780 kcal | Fat 24g | Carb 93g | Protein 55g
Spicy quesadilla with tender chicken, bell peppers and melted cheese on a whole wheat tortilla combined with flavorful mango and black bean salad
Honey garlic shrimps
435 kcal | Fat 8g | Carb 65g | Protein 24g
Shrimps cooked in garlic-honey-low sodium soy sauce marinade and served over brown rice and steamed broccoli
Chia jam overnight oats
254 kcal | Fat 5g | Carb 47g | Protein 7g
Creamy almond milk overnight oats paired with nutritious chia seeds jam
Tuna pasta with house salad
530 Kcal | Fat 20g | Carb 67g | Protein 27g
A nutritious lunch option with good carbs from whole wheat pasta, proteins from tuna, and plenty of vitamins and fiber from veggies and greens
Chicken curry with naan and zucchini
640 kcal | Fat 28g | Carb 51g | Protein 51g
Soft, juicy chicken in a warm, creamy, mild curry sauce sprinkled with coriander leaves and served with whole wheat naan and zucchini
Caprese frittata
360 kcal | Fat 23g | Carb 5g | Protein 30g
Tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese combined in a healthy delicious baked caprese frittatas
BBQ tofu stuffed pita pockets
374 kcal | Fat 14g | Carb 44g | Protein 19g
Whole wheat pita packed with BBQ tofu, romaine lettuce, pickled onion, shredded carrot and hummus
Stuffed peppers with mixed greens salad
720 kcal | Fat 41g | Carb 57g | Protein 35g
Peppers stuffed with ground turkey, quinoa and corn kernels and served with mixed greens salad
Banana oat pancakes
472 kcal | Fat 14g | Carb 69g | Protein 21g
These healthy pancakes are made with gluten free oat flour, naturally sweetened with bananas and served with maple syrup
Vegetarian meatballs with mashed cauliflower
480 kcal | Fat 17g | Carb 65g | Protein 27g
Lentils, mushrooms and gluten free rolled oats are combined in delicious meatless meatballs. Served with tender mashed cauliflower and marinara
Cornflake and hemp crusted chicken fingers with green bean salad
641 kcal | Fat 29g | Carb 31g | Protein 60g
Baked chicken fingers coated with seasoned cornflakes and hemp mixture and served with green beans, tomatoes and feta cheese salad
Cranberry pistachio oatmeal cups
310 kcal | Fat 8g | Carb 53g | Protein 10g
Cranberry, pistachio and oatmeal baked for quick and delicious ‘on the go’ breakfast
Beef burger with beet and arugula salad
610 kcal | Fat 34g | Carb 39g | Protein 31g
Burgers with lean ground beef and mushrooms on a whole wheat bun served with healthy versatile beet and arugula salad
Lemon baked salmon with green beans & buckwheat
520 kcal | Fat 31g | Carb 27g | Protein 34g
Tender and perfectly flaky lemon salmon served with buckwheat, steamed green beans and garlic sauce
Cottage cheese with fruits
180 kcal | Fat 2g | Carb 28g | Protein 15g
Smooth cottage cheese paired with fruits/berries
Chicken burrito bowl
490 kcal | Fat 9g | Carb 58g | Protein 44g
Lime brown rice with scallion and cilantro, tender chicken and lots of veggies
Beef stew with mixed green salad
640 kcal | Fat 34g | Carb 26g | Protein 55g
Lean beef with bunch of veggies with sweet and spicy flavors, served with mixed greens salad for extra fiber and vitamins
Mushroom and spinach egg cups
293 kcal | Fat 21g | Carb 8g | Protein 20g
These veggie egg cups are packed with spinach, mushrooms and cheddar cheese – enjoyable combo that will keep you full for long
Salmon stew with whole wheat pasta
578 kcal | Fat 27g | Carb 54g | Protein 34g
The salmon marinated in garlic-lime juice-spices mixture and then slow cooked with bell peppers, cilantro, tomatoes and coconut milk. A flavorful creamy hearty meal. Served with whole wheat pasta
Chicken pilaf
608 kcal | Fat 25g | Carb 71g | Protein 31g
A healthier option of meal inspired by Eastern cuisine. Chicken, onion, carrots, brown rice cooked and spiced until perfection and served with fresh veggies at the side
Breakfast waffles
414 kcal | Fat 29g | Carb 31g | Protein 15g
Waffles made with almond flour and served with maple syrup and fruit at the side
Teriyaki tofu with quinoa
433 Kcal | Fat 17g | Carb 54g | Protein 24g
Roasted tofu and veggies caramelized in teriyaki sauce and served with quinoa at the side
Baked chicken with roasted veggies
620 kcal | Fat 27g | Carb 37g | Protein 56g
Tender and juicy baked chicken breast topped with tomato and cheese and served with perfectly roasted veggies at the side
Granola with yogurt and fruit
300 kcal | Fat 6g | Carb 51g | Protein 16g
‘On site’ baked crunchy granola with Greek yogurt and fruit – enjoyable balanced, nutritious and filling breakfast
Turkey chili with rice
583 kcal | Fat 27g | Carb 55g | Protein 34g
Healthy, hearty, flavorful, spicy turkey chili packed with lean ground turkey, beans, bell pepper, cilantro and served over brown rice
Healthy chicken shawarma bowl
603 kcal | Fat 28g | Carb 40g | Protein 48g
A healthier version of ‘take-out’ shawarma packed with chicken, fresh veggies, quinoa and dressed in tzatziki sauce
Almond pancakes
588 kcal | Fat 47g | Carb 20g | Protein 29g
Perfectly fluffy, nutty flavored almond flour pancakes served with Greek yogurt and sliced almonds
Chickpea Tomato Peanut Stew
434 kcal | Fat 17g | Carb 57g | Protein 13g
Creamy, comforting, spicy, delicious peanut stew with brown rice is the meal that will definitely become one of your favorite plant-based dishes
Chicken meatballs with roasted asparagus and potatoes
562 kcal | Fat 28g | Carb 33g | Protein 46g
Healthy, juicy baked meatballs, lemon asparagus and roasted potato wedges – mix of flavors you will love
Breakfast sandwhich
440 kcal | Fat 18g | Carb 59g | Protein 16g
Healthy sandwich packed with whole wheat English muffin, fried egg and cheddar cheese and served with fruit for more fiber and vitamins
Lentil and Red Bean Salad
464 kcal | Fat 18g | Carb 54g | Protein 26g
This salad is packed with protein rich lentils, red beans, veggies, topped with feta cheese and seasoned with flavorful dressing
Kung Pao Shrimp with Brown Rice
523 kcal | Fat 24g | Carb 49g | Protein 33g
Tender and juicy shrimps, bell pepper, zucchini in a delicious peanut sauce and brown rice at the side
Banana oatmeal
365 kcal | Fat 13g | Carb 45g | Protein 21g
Creamy, delicious banana oatmeal topped with peanut butter and hemp seeds
Turkey stuffed crepes with salad
531 kcal | Fat 24g | Carb 49g | Protein 36g
Ground turkey sautéed with onion and tomatoes wrapped in whole wheat crepes and served with fresh and nourishing salad
Asian Style Noodles
660 kcal | Fat 20g | Carb 66g | Protein 49g
Chicken, mixed veggies and rice noodles sautéed and covered with teriyaki sauce